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FAQs - Conservative

Reconstruction finished. The surgery required a single session lasting 1 hour.

carieRicostruzione finita

The traditional method involves 5 sessions for devitalising, pinning and capping the tooth.

The patient in this case was able to save time and money.

Bad breath can have different causes, some attributable to dental problems. Bad breath is usually most obvious to the people around the affected person, who often does not realize the problem that afflicts them.

The general causes can be many, including stomach discomfort, use of drugs, or systemic diseases.

Possible dental causes are often linked to the presence of tartar, periodontal pockets, or large carious lesions.

It is very important to visit your GP first to rule out the general causes.

If this is the case, the dentist's task is to identify the dental cause of halitosis. The removal of tartar, treatment of gum disease and caries removal are only the first step, because it is also important that the patient follows up with proper oral hygiene using a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.

An economic solution for rebuilding a fractured upper premolar in one session. Small screws are put in place to strengthen the tooth.

Amalgam fillingsEconomic solutionamalgam fillings

As you can see, the tooth without the old amalgam fillings is lighter and restores the aesthetics of the smile.

Soluzione economicadente rinforzataotturazione scure

The inlay avoids the need to encapsulate a much-compromised tooth, with considerable savings of time and money.

IncapsulateInlayIncapsulareplaster castingInlayinlay

Whith composite and orthodontics you can got similar teeths, when the patient will grow be  will have two porcelain facets.