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FAQs - Pedodontics

Fillings can be carried out even if a child is wearing braces.

cavity while wearing a bracecavity while wearing a bracecavity treatmentcavity treatmentoutcome

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Deciduous teeth or milk teeth are an individual's first set. Milk teeth are essential for proper development of the jaws and are pushed out by the eruption of permanent teeth. The first milk teeth are the lower incisors, which appear at around 6/8 months; the last deciduous teeth, which are replaced at around the age of 12, are the canines.

It is important to pay attention to the eruption of 1st permanent molars at around 6 years of age. These teeth erupt behind the milk molars and it is often only the dentist, during follow-up visits, who becomes aware of their presence.

It should be advisable that children have a first check-up at around 3-4 years of age and, from then on once a year until the age of 6. After that, it is essential to visit every 6 months.

A dentist can seal the grooves of the permanent molars or can locally apply high concentrations of fluoride so as to prevent the occurrence of caries.

It is important to prevent your children from consuming too much sugary food or drink as these lower the pH of the saliva, causing decalcification of the enamel, which can result in the onset of caries.

Avoid the use of a pacifier sweetened with sugar or honey.

With the laser, the children do not feel any pain and do not see any blood.

Laser treatmentno bloodHealing after 5 daysaspect after 10 days

After the frenulectomy, you can see that there is no bleeding and no stitches. Five days after treatment, the wound is already practically healed.

Caries of a milk molar tooth filled with composite material.

decaycariecavity treatmentcavity treatmenttrattamento carie

Complex composite fillings performed on a deciduous molar.

obsturationfilling to dooutcome

Number of molar fillings carried out using Ketac.

fillings on decidous molarfillings on decidous molaroutcome using Ketac