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FAQs - Implantology

The implant also allows the restoration of chewing.

implant on one toothimplant on one toothoutcome

Two screw implants placed in the mouth to restore chewing at the level of the posterior molars.

Two screw implants placed in the mouthTwo screw implants placed in the mouthrecuperation of chewing at molar

Plaster cast and intermediate stages of processing.

Thanks to the implant, the patient was able to recover chewing on a molar.

Overview of the case before the treatment.

Overview of the case before the execution.Overview of the case after the execution.

Overview of the finished clinical case: severely compromised teeth were removed, and steps were taken to implant in the most suitable areas, performing a fixed prosthesis at the bottom and a combining fixed and mobile denture at the top.

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The bridge restores chewing function and aesthetics.

bridge on implantplaster castbridge on implant

A patient totally toothless in the upper jaw and partially toothless at the bottom. With the insertion of implants, the denture has been stabilised.

Ovewiew before executionOutcome

An implant placed for agenesis of in a 35-year old: lower second premolar

Overview of the case before treatment.Overview of the case before the executionOverview of the finite case

Overview of a finished case: it was decided to extract the unusable teeth, to insert implants in toothless areas and to place fixed ceramics bridges.

Don't worry, with implantology you can salve all your problems. This patient hadn't very much bone, and the implant, hadn't a good axix, but working with precision we solved all tecnical problems.