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FAQs - Surgery

Gingivitis affects the gum line and is characterized by a reddening of the gum line, swollen gums, bleeding on probing, and sometimes by increases in gingival volume. It is a bacterial inflammation that affects the periodontium surface, localized or generalized, usually involving the taste buds, the gingiva and the free gingival margin. If left untreated, it can develop to more serious forms and can evolve into periodontitis, leading to the loss of the deep tissue that supports the tooth. As it is often painless, gingivitis can progress without you realizing until the gums and bone are seriously damaged. It is, in fact, one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults. Gingivitis is completely reversible, but may precede a periodontitis.

Gum receding on upper incisor.

gum recessiongum recessionHealing after 15 days

During the same sitting, the frenulum is disengaged so that it is no longer traumatic for the attached gingiva, and the defect is resolved with a free gingival graft taken from the palate.

Healing after 15 days: you can see a small remnant of the frenulum that is removed by laser.

With the removal of the apex of the tooth, the infected part is removed and there are no more recurrent infections.

X-ray shot after the intervention

intraoral shot after the suture of the abscess flap

You can be healed of pyorrhea or periodontitis after a series of small interventions.


Flap closure with suturesHealing after a weekControl after 15 days