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The most advanced technologies in place

EC certified equipmentThe dental practice always uses first-quality supplies and, in this global era, it takes pride in purchasing all its materials and equipment in Italy. All our equipment and prostheses are CE-certified.

EC certified equipmentThe dental practice always uses first-quality supplies and, in this global era, it takes pride in purchasing all its materials and equipment in Italy. All our equipment and prostheses are CE-certified.

Screening for Oral Cancer

Screening for mouth cancer

Rilevazione - Detection
Diagnosi precoce delle alterazioni cancerose delle mucose del cavo orale
Early detection of cancerous changes of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity

This new device Sapphire Plus provides four important functions:
  • providing early detection of changes to cells, inside the mouth, that might indicated oral cancer which affects 3% of the population every year. Using a fluorescent lighting we can recognize early possibly cancerous alterations to the cells, and that early detection can increase the chance of survival; 
  • more effective tooth whitening by virtue of the power of the lamp;
  • partial fixation of veneers thanks to tiny luminous tips, which enables a physician to make any changes before final fixing
  • accelerated polymerisation of the composite material for white fillings. Each step of the hardening that used to require 20 seconds, now requires only 3 seconds. The discomfort of the patient is shortened.

Panoramic and RVG X-ray


Panoramico e RVGPanoramic and RVG X-ray

Because every dental chair is equipped with a RVG and a monitor connected to a computer, we can also perform digital radiographs in addition to traditional ones. Digital versions have many advantages:

  • less radiation is emitted during the shot the ability to modify the image through dedicated programmes and so to detect even smallest details to optimize diagnosis and therapy
  • the opportunity to examine the type of bone, through densitometric analysis, and so to increase the predictability of implant results
  • the ability to insert implants virtually during pre-operative study of clinical cases, so ensuring a better final result and a lower risk of rejection.







Dental chairs

 Dental chairs


The three SIEMENS dental chairs, all identical and recently renovated, allow homogeneity of work for the operators.  These outstandingly reliable chairs ensure maximum comfort for both the patients and operators. They also offer the opportunity to work in compliance with the ergonomic working positions.

The dental drills use a demineralised water tank in order to avoid bacterial contamination during their use. They are also equipped with an anti-backflow valve that blocks the ascent of blood and saliva inside the drill itself, so avoiding the transmission of infectious diseases from one patient to another. All drills are sterilized after use.

Sanitization of the suction tubes is automatic.

The operating LED lamp for illuminating the mouth is equipped with a touch-sensitive photocell to avoid unnecessary contamination of the surgical area.

Each seat is equipped with a monitor where you can see your medical record with the program of the day; you can also view images of the mouth shot by the endo-oral camera or by the RVG or you can watch favourite films screened during operating sessions.

Each chair has an ultrasonic hand piece, with fibre optics, used for the scaling (teeth cleaning). The same sanitation criteria used for the dental drills are also applied to this hand piece.

Bottle of demineralised water

 Bottle of deminiralised waterBottle of demineralised water

At each chair, the aqueduct water circuit is separate from the one serving the drills.












The ND: YAG laser is a device that has only recently become part of dentistry and assists the dentist in the treatment of soft and hard tissues.

It is very useful in the treatment of periodontal disease (gingivitis-periodontal disease) because it decreases the amount of bacteria in periodontal pockets by sterilizing them. In surgical interventions, it may replace the scalpel and therefore avoids bleeding and the use of stitches because one of the advantages of the laser is to unite, with the precision of the cut, the ability to coagulate the blood. This is particularly advantageous for children, as well for adults, because both pain and post-operative swelling are limited. These two are responsible of the discomfort that patients can get after effect of anaesthesia has worn off.

The laser is equally useful in the treatment of abscesses as it can sterilize necrotic and infected teeth canals resistant to conventional therapies.





Video Camera endoraleCamcorder

There are two intra-oral cameras, of which one is a high-definition.

With these, we can see inside the mouth and the examine status of the teeth. The dentist can explain to patients the kind of therapy they will get and patients will easily understand how their teeth will be cared for and why. Images can be stored in the computer's memory and be reviewed even after many years.

Video Camera endoraleVideo Camera endorale



Tooth Whitening Device


Tooth Whitening Devices

SbiancamentoSbiancamentoSbiancamento su un dente

The dental practice has two tooth-whitening devices. One is used to whiten teeth that have darkened after root canal treatment, and the other is devoted to contemporary techniques for whitening of the teeth of both jaws.  Thanks to the monitor attached on each chair, a patient can watch the movie of their choice during the time it takes to whiten the teeth.


Autoclave & Sterilization

 Autoclave & Sterilization

Autoclave & SterilizationAutoclave & SterilizationAutoclave & Sterilization

In the dental clinic, there is a room dedicated to the sterilization process. This room also houses a class B autoclave, which complies with the latest European safety standards (see T.U. 81).

All the instruments are placed in a decontamination bath before use. They are then washed and dried, passed through an ultrasonic tank and finally wrapped and placed in the autoclave.

After each sterilization cycle, the autoclave prints a summary of tests performed on the sterilized instruments. This report is kept in a certification log and can be inspected by the competent authorities and by the patients who want to take a look.

The tests that are performed are:

  • HELIX TEST: measures the ability of steam to penetrate a hollow body: for example, dental drill
  • BOWIE & DICK TEST: measures the capacity of steam to penetrate a porous body: e.g. cotton gauze
  • VACUUM TEST: measures the capability of an autoclave to maintain a vacuum during the sterilization cycle.




Endobox is a new mobile laboratory unit equipped with all the necessary accessories to carry out small dental interventions directly at the clinic. This small unit simplifies the work of both the dentist and the dental technician, who, if necessary, can do small prosthesis jobs, with significant time savings for the patient.






Neosono is a useful tool for the dentist when they must measure the length of the canals during root canal treatment. Its use avoids the need for preoperative radiographs before the devitalisation of a tooth so removing the need to x-ray the patient. The same tool can help determine the pulp vitality, that is, if a tooth is still alive. 



Equipments NI-TI

 NI-TI Strumenti NI-TIEquipment

Nickel titanium tools are used for devitalisation (root canals). These tools need a suitable drill and are very useful for treating difficult dental canals because of the extreme flexibility of their metal structure.



Photo-curing lamps

 Lampada FotopolimerizzantePhoto-curing lamps


Photo-curing lamps of the latest generation are designed to avoid the contraction of the composite (white-paste filling) during the hardening process. In fact white fillings always show a certain degree of contraction when they are hardened with lamps. In the clinic, we limit this tendency by using high-quality pastes and light photo-curing by incremental values. 










Electro surgical unit

 ElettrobisturiElectro surgical unit


This is a classic dental surgical instrument that is characterized by its rapidity of use and its accurate cutting. 





X-Ray sensor holders

X-Ray sensor holders


Centratori ragi

These holders aim the x-ray beam directly on to a target tooth.







Dental Drillers

 Dental Drillers


All our drills are of the KAVO brand (Finland). This manufacturer, more than any other, has succeeded in minimizing the vibrations of the drill during use. This reduces a patient's discomfort during their session.  Furthermore, our hand instruments, including scalers, are equipped with fibre optics so we can see and work with confidence even in the darkest corners of the mouth.



Before any anaesthesia, we spray anaesthetic liquid on to the mucous membrane of the mouth so that a patient does not feel any discomfort during the insertion of the syringe needle.











Educational tools

 Educational tools

Strumenti didattici

To help patients to understand problems involving their mouth, there are teaching and demonstration instruments in the practice. Consequently, any patient who sits in front of our dentists will be fully aware of the therapy that will be receiving.

Booster seat

Booster seat

Cuscino riduttore

For children, there is a booster seat that enables small patients to sit comfortably and relaxed. There is also a monitor that shows cartoons to make them feel like "at home". At the end of the session, they are rewarded with a certificate of bravery and a small toy.




After scaling sessions (tooth cleaning), our assistants teach patients about good oral hygiene practice to be followed at home. Patients are given a toothbrush and toothpaste so they can keep the results achieved in the clinic. One of the main objectives of Dr. Anna Mazzaglia and Dr. Riccardo Mannoni is to make sure that their work gives long-lasting results. 

SMS Reminder

SMS Reminder

Servizio sms

After treatment, every patient enters a customized maintenance program. They are notified via SMS of their next check-up appointment aimed at identifying potential future problems at the very earliest stage, before they are even evident to the patient