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Orthodontics: tooth straightening

Orthodontics takes care of tooth straightening during the patient's developmental age. This early treatment is of fundamental importance for the prevention of dental health in more advanced age. Orthodontics relies on the following assistive technologies:

  • preformed wires that carry the teeth in their natural seat braces and which intercept the most severe malocclusions (misalignment of teeth)
  • silicone devices to re-educate your muscles to work properly
  • aesthetic white plates to reduce the visual impact of the devices
  • Invisalign type masks for adults who wish to combine the effectiveness of therapy with a comforting aesthetic

Orthodontics is not the exclusive prerogative of childhood, but can also be performed on those adult patients who need it. The Dr. Francesca Martini, who has been the clinic's trusted collaborator of the clinic for several years, specialises in this specific branch of dentistry. He also offers speech therapy for curing the so-called "atypical swallowing". This abnormal habit occurs in some children who push their tongues between the front teeth instead of on the palate during swallowing. This behaviour can lead to a child having trouble during breathing and phonation, as well as preventing the proper development of the jaw bones and the leading to a consequent failure of orthodontic treatment. To determine the orthodontic needs and to aid treatment planning, a variety of techniques are used including direct measurements, x-rays, study casts and photographs.

After one month you can already see a significant displacement of the incisors.

Dental alignerDental aligner

Orthodontics is the remedy.


With ceramics facets you can straighten and brighten your teeth.