Clinica Dentale di Verona

Dott. Anna Mazzaglia e Dott. Riccardo Mannoni

clinica dentale di verona

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The Dental Practice

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Mazzaglia Mannoni dental practice is situated in the centre of Verona  and is the result of 50 years of family dental tradition. Since its inception, the practice has become known for its pursuit of excellence and the durability of its dental work. These results come for the application of good medicine founded on ethics and professionalism, coupled with a taste for innovation. Our principles allow us to provide to our patients not only the best technological applications that the market offers, but also with caring attitude towards them for all their health, aesthetic and economic needs.

Dr. Anna Mazzaglia, Dr. Riccardo Mannoni and their co-workers regularly attend refresher courses on the various dental materials and equipment, so achieving the CME points that Italian law requires.

Our priority: the well-being of our patients

It is important to emphasize that Dr. Anna Mazzaglia and Dr. Riccardo Mannoni require to complete a medical history question during the first visits without this information the law does not permit therapy to continue. This questionnaire helps the doctors to identify patients with general pathologies that may have caused damage to their digestive system or that may affect the success of the proposed treatment. The priority of the whole staff is to focus on the patient's well-being from the very first contact. At the end of the first visit, after all necessary explanations and the presentation of a detailed quote, patients sign an informed consent sheet. It is of fundamental importance for our practice that patients are aware of all therapies that will be carried out. Our dental clinic consists of three operating rooms and one room that is dedicated to sterilization. There is a reception area, a lounge and a private office. Patients' toilets are separated from those of operators and can accommodate disabled people.

The confidence from health care funds

All the clinic's dental equipment receives a two-yearly audit that certifies their correct operation.

The Dr. Anna Mazzaglia's and Dr. Riccardo Mannoni's dental practice was the first in Verona to be contacted by F.A.S.I. (Italy's most famous health care fund for company executives) to initiate an agreement directly with its associates.

The reliability of the clinic's operations  contributed to the launch of agreements with further private health care providers such as FASCHIM, FASIOPEN, ASSOCRAL, NEWMED, FNAC, and BANCOPOSTA.

CE-certified equipment and prostheses

The dental practice always uses first-quality supplies and, in this global era, it takes pride in purchasing all its materials and equipment in Italy. The prostheses are created by our technicians in their laboratory and are all CE-certified. All our dentures are made according to European standards, and at the end of all prosthetic rehabilitation, it is issued a certificate of quality in compliance with the law.