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Tooth Whitening without damage

Tooth-whitening methods are part of modern dentistry and have become almost a necessity. With these methods, especially if performed by the dental practice with suitable equipment; it is possible to have very white teeth in a little more than an hour without damaging the teeth. The clinic has two whitening devices: one that can whiten individual teeth that have darkened after root canal treatment and another is suitable for the whitening of the teeth of both arches. The main difference between the whitening done in our practice and the whitening that you can do yourself is that our practice can give you much better and longer-lasting results. With a method adapted to the need of individual patients, we use a whitening agent that is much more effective than the material available from your pharmacy. Dr. Anna Mazzaglia and Dr. Riccardo Mannoni have numerous years' experience of using whitening techniques to improve their patients' smiles.

During tooth whitening, gums are protected with a blue light-curing shield. A whitening gel is applied and is then activated with a plasma lamp.

whiter and brighter

Finished case: the teeth are noticeably whiter and brighter.

Whitening of the left central incisor, which is seriously hyper chromatic after a root canal treatment, was performed after a trauma many years before.

dopo 4 anni dallo sbiancamento

Control at the same element  of 4 years after the whitening treatment. The colour was stable.

Patient in position with orange colour glasses to protect eyes from the whitening light.