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Gnathology: proper closure of the teeth between them

The gnatology deals with the temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ disorder, i.e. all those diseases that affect both the mandibular joint and the correct closing of the teeth. These problems sometimes occur with pain during chewing, functional impotence, that is, difficulty opening the mouth and noises of various kinds during the excursions of the mandible in the movements of laterality and protrusion, or with headache, earache and neck pains. In some people the emotional stress trigger episodes of nocturnal bruxism, or teeth grinding during sleep. These patients wake up in the morning already fatigued and painful symptoms often present in the muscles of the face and neck, as well as an excessive wear of the teeth. Both Dr. Riccardo Mannoni that Dr. Anna Mazzaglia are able to make the differential diagnosis between the problems that derive from the temporomandibular joint and those which are of relevance to the otolaryngologist as otitis, or neurologist as dizziness, orthopedic or as cervical osteoarthritis. Our dental team will arrange an initial consultation where they will discuss your individual symptoms and suggest a treatment plan.