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Endodontics: Care of root canals

Endodontics deals with the treatment of root canals, for example in a situation , where a cavity has reached the pulp of the tooth and infected it, leading to a related toothache., The dentist has the task of devitalizing the tooth, that is, to replace the infected pulp with root canal filling material. To do this, the dentist needs to shape the inside of the tooth. This can be done by hand or preferably with Ni-Ti instruments (titanium nickel) whose flexibility provides access to more difficult areas. A laser is useful for the disinfection of infected canals, particularly of those teeth that have recurrent abscesses or that are resistant to traditional therapies. Both Dr. Riccardo Mannoni and Dr Anna Mazzaglia have drills suitable for operating Ni-Ti instruments, which because they are very sophisticated, cannot be used with standard drills.

Reprocessing of a lower molar where there is a granuloma and a post-implant.


Devitalization of the two central incisors before proceeding to building of a ceramic veneer.


Pulpitis is the inflammation of dental pulp tissue. Usually it is associated with toothache.

For this patient, a pulpitis was found after root canal treatment of a molar. As you can see, the infected tissue is rather large and it perfectly fits the shape of the pulp chamber.


Canal closure.

canal closure